viernes, 30 de agosto de 2019


Wie heissen sie? 🌚 I can see you now. Ich denke ich verstehe. Out of space and time we have already met. Le fruit du fruit. Le compréhension de la connaissance. Le pouvoir des pouvoirs. Quisiera no haber visto lo que he visto. Quisiera no haber sentido lo que he sentido. .
"I came down from the room
I saw you in the rain
Laughing with some people
Hair dripping down your face
Your calm hypnotic eyes
Your Scandinavian glow
I felt them like a flame
Candle in my cold bones
Tonight you were my muse
As I belted and I strummed
Trying not to drown
In the helicopter drone
From the crowd I heard
You sing a pretty line
Was it: "there's so much love -
that I wanna cry".
I thought about it long
Had you repeat it in my ear
"I couldn't place a thought
without you being so close"
. .
🎶Alesund- sun kil moon
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