lunes, 25 de febrero de 2019


"Wise words,
although written
by my decaying hand,
remain imperishable
through time;
Imbued with the medicine
of immortality
by the Master of All.
Be unseen
and undiscovered
by all those
who will come and go,
the wastelands of life.
Be hidden,
until an older heaven
births human beings
who are worthy
of your wisdom." 

Having sounded this prayer over the works of his hands, Hermes was received in the sanctuary of eternity.
La semana pasada, justo para celebrar mi cumpleaños número 36, llegó a mis manos uno de los libros secretos que he esperado por mucho tiempo y que han marcado mi vida: Hermética de Hermes Trismegisto, el tres veces grande.

Virgo full moon. Neptune conj Sun. Chiron leaving Piscis, Uranus entering Taurus.
#enlabibliotecadesilvana #diarioastrológico

Last week, just in time to celebrate my 36th birthday, one of the secret books I have waited for a long time and that have marked my life came to me: Hermetica by Hermes Trismegisto.


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