sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Silvana del bosque.


sometimes my heart hurts to watch you
there's a blind spot that i can but get to
sometimes you seem like a lost cause
breathe a second feel that pregnant pause

speak to me in our tongue
when all the other words only come out wrong

speak to me in our tongue
a pillow talk patois from a land long gone
Pregnant pause: The silence that occurs after someone has said or done something that leaves everyone who bore witness to the event speechless. The first cousin of awkward silence.  A pregnant pause often occurs when something that requires a sarcastic response happens, but no one quite knows what to say or do. 
Un fin de semana de mucho trabajo. La montaña es mágica, estar tan cerca de ella vacía la mente y permite la concentración profunda. Es un lugar donde no hay pasado ni futuro. Es un espacio en el que no hay expectativas y sólo se hace lo que se tiene que hacer. Es fantástico.
A veces me sorprendo a mi misma y no puedo creer que vine a vivir aquí lejos de todo y tan cerca de mí.
A weekend full of work. The mountain is magical, being so close to her empties the mind and allows deep concentration. It is a place where there is no past or future. It is a space in which there are no expectations and allows you just do what has to be done. It's fantastic.
Sometimes I surprise myself and I can not believe I came to live here away from everything and so close to me.

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  1. Hello! I recently discovered your illustrations from the Flow Magazine website. I love the one of a mermaid in the bathtub reading a book. I wondered if you sold that? You can email me at whattoeat@yahoo.com

  2. Hello!

    I received your comment @ my blog entry http://holasilvana.blogspot.mx/2015/08/silvana-del-bosque.html I'm very sorry for the delay of my answer!

    Unfortunately i'm not selling the original artwork but maybe you are interested in acquire a very high quality print :-)

    Please visit my etsy shop or write me back to get further info :-)


    love and regards!